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Travel Weekly is the number one business weekly for the UK travel trade. Travel Weekly’s unrivalled high quality circulation of over 14,572 readers includes board level directors, senior managers, tour operators and front line travel agents from the high street to head office.

Travel Weekly’s award winning editorial provides extensive coverage of the UK outbound and domestic travel markets. The latest industry and business news is published alongside in depth business and destination features. Travel Weekly provides itself on providing the industry with a voice and helping its readers better their business, HR and sales operations and each issue is packed with practical business and insight which makes it the number one ‘go to’ publication for readers.

Readers are loyal and use Travel Weekly as part of their business planning and sales. According to a recent independent survey from Fusion:


of readers have been reading Travel Weekly for more than 10 years

35 minutes

average reading time spent by each reader, and on average each copy is read by 3 people


of readers take an action (contact advertiser / share article with colleague) as a result of reading


Achieving the highest quality and most relevant readership for advertisers and to represent a cross section of the industry is of vital importance. Travel Weekly achieves this by investing in a fully controlled and requested circulation which means every reader must request their copy of the magazine and meet strict eligibility criteria. No competitor invests to deliver the same level of quality. In fact, Travel Weekly can offer more than 4000 highly relevant ‘requested readers’ than its closest competitor.

Travel Weekly is fully audited by the ABC and specific demographic counts are available to advertisers.

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Travel Weekly’s requested readership of 14,010 includes




Department head, Manager or team leaders


Travel consultants

Features and supplements

Each issue of Travel Weekly is packed with the latest industry news and a host of regular features inside the magazine and a comprehensive calendar of in-depth supplements.

All are designed to give readers more value. From deeper levels of product knowledge to advice on managing their business more effectively features are a the perfect environment for advertisers to deliver their message in the right context. Features and supplements enjoy a long shelf life and are often retained and discussed.