The second of a series of three new ships for Brittany Ferries has been named Salamanca.

The ferry will join sister-ship Galicia when it enters service in spring 2022 with Santona following in 2023.

Salamanca will carry 1,015 passengers, with more than 2.7km of lane-space to handle passenger and freight vehicles.

Both Salamanca and Santona will be powered by Liquefied Natural Gas, cutting carbon dioxide output by around a quarter, serving long-distance routes between the UK with Spain.

The investment in new ferries, being built in China, was made well before the pandemic began.

But a trio of cleaner, more efficient vessels will “help secure the company’s future” ensuring the continuity of passenger and freight services.

Brittany Ferries president Jean-Marc Roué said: “In spite of Brexit and Covid which have cost our company several hundred million euros already, I am resolved to remain on our path towards eco-responsibility and energy transition.

“It is a formal commitment I’ve made – we will continue, despite these crises, to reduce our carbon footprint, to keep on improving our fleet and to contribute to the development of the regions we serve.

“Salamanca is a good illustration of this. By renewing our fleet today, we are ensuring a return to growth tomorrow and Brittany Ferries and our partners remain confident in the future.”

Chief executive Christophe Mathieu added: “Passengers expect more comfortable, cleaner, greener vessels and society rightly demands sustainability as standard.

“Shipping companies that fail to improve are therefore destined to fail.

“It’s why these ‘E-Flexer’ ships are so important as we look to emerge from the current crisis.

“Galicia, Salamanca and Santona, are clear evidence that we are determined to sail towards a sustainable and a successful future.”