A travel trade marketeer has set out to get three rapid antigen tests in three European countries, in three days, to prove that “Europe is open for business” for travel.

Michael Collins, managing director of public relations firm TravelMedia.ie and representation company TTR, believes rapid antigen testing is “the only way travel can open up again pre a vaccine” and points out “it is already happening in Europe”.

His odyssey follows the EU Commission’s recommendation last week of the use of rapid antigen tests for diagnosis of Covid-19.

Collins took his first test in his native Ireland on Tuesday, November 24, and tested negative. He then flew from Dublin to Paris on Wednesday and took another test at Charles de Gaulle airport (pictured) before flying to Vienna.

On Thursday, he took another test in Austrian capital Vienna, before jumping on a plane to Hamburg, Germany, where he is due to take another test at the airport on Friday.

Over the course of the three days, he will take and film three separate antigen tests and interview airport spokespeople to try and show that travel is possible and that testing, and screening is the way forward.

He said: “Europe is open for travel, so why do Ireland and the UK remain as good as closed? As flights within Europe continue to sell out, flights to and from Ireland continue to fly almost empty.”