Turkey will cover the cost of medical treatment for holidaymakers, the country’s tourism minister has announced.

Turkish minister of tourism and culture Mehmet Nuri Ersoy has revealed plans to reopen to tourists under a Safe Tourism Certification Program to keep visitors safe from COVID-19.

The plan covers all aspects of the journey from the aircraft to the airport, transfers and hotels.

One of the measures announced are insurance packages that will cover medical costs up to €7,000 that will be sold by airlines, tour operators and online from July 1.

The new protocols and health and safety regime were set out to the media and representatives of source markets this weekend in Antalya.

Ersoy said the actions being put in place in Turkey were “trailblazing” and claimed its safe tourism certification programme was one of the first in the world to be rolled out.

He said: “We would like take this opportunity to remind our guests that we will be looking forward to welcome their citizens to Turkey after the resumption of international flights.

“Observing the positive impression made by the measures we have taken on our guests further confirms the expediency of our Safe Tourism Certification programme.

“We considered all the details for our guests who want to have a holiday in our country.”

Ersoy said the number of Covid-19 cases is now “quite low” in popular tourist cities such as Aydın, Antalya and Muğla.

He added: “Thanks to our thousands of healthcare professionals working here, these cities are also health centres as well as tourism.

“We thought of all the details for our guests who want to have a holiday in our country during the epidemic period. As of July 1, we have created a health insurance package that includes Covid-19 for our foreign guests visiting our country.

All health expenses up to €3,000, €5,0000 and €7,000 thousand can be covered within the scope of 15, 19, and 23 Euro insurance packages that can be purchased through contracted airlines, various sales points before passport control, tour operators, and online channels.

“Our guests can feel comfortable, just like the Safe Tourism Certificate, we are thinking for all of the details on behalf of them.”

Full information on the Safe Tourism Certificate programme is available in English on the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency website.