Highlight overnight experiences as yet another reason to book an escorted tour, says Back-Roads Touring sales manager Lockie Kerr

‘Experience’ is a travel buzzword right now – and in the world of touring, there are a number of incredible experiences that your customers can discover. Excursions, culinary themes… even the method of travel itself can be an experience. However, accommodation is rarely discussed when talking about the experience your customers will have on a tour.

Large, characterless, multi-storey hotels with a run-down look. Large queues at the bain-marie for an average breakfast. Locations offering no benefit to the customer. This is how many consumers perceive touring accommodation – but for the majority of operators, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hotel Iya Onsen

For example, Back-Roads Touring offers a strong handpicked selection of properties, such as Kilronan Castle in Ireland, Hotel Iya Onsen in Japan, Villa Il Palagio in Italy and the Inn & Spa at Loretto in the USA, all of which offer a blend of character, history, relaxation and quality that should be sold as an additional experience – and not just a place for your customers to rest their heads for the evening.

This isn’t exclusive to premium operators, though, as even youth touring companies like Topdeck offer immersive accommodation experiences – like staying in a traditional Maori Marae in New Zealand, with all guests under one roof amidst the sacred structures.

Keep in mind the accommodation style that your touring company partners offer, and highlight these overnight experiences as yet another reason why an escorted tour should be considered a great option for your customers.