Returning the troubled 737 Max into service and rebuilding trust have been outlined as key priorities by incoming Boeing boss David Calhoun.

He took up up the position on Monday at what he admitted was a “crucial time” for the company with the 737 Max grounded for almost a year following two fatal crashes which killed almost 350 people.

Calhoun has taken over as president and chief executive from Dennis Muilenburg, who was ousted following the Max crisis.

Calhoun said: “Working together, we will strengthen our safety culture, improve transparency and rebuild trust with our customers, regulators, suppliers and the flying public.

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“With the strength of our team, I’m confident in the future of Boeing, including the 737 Max.”

He outlined his top priorities in an email to staff, with the resumption of 737 Max into service being the “primary focus”.

Calhoun said: “This includes following the lead of our regulators and working with them to ensure they’re satisfied completely with the airplane and our work, so that we can continue to meet our customer commitments. We’ll get it done, and we’ll get it done right.”

On rebuilding trust, he admitted: “Many of our stakeholders are rightly disappointed in us, and it’s our job to repair these vital relationships.

“We’ll do so through a recommitment to transparency and by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

“We will listen, seek feedback, and respond – appropriately, urgently and respectfully.”

“We’ll keep taking steps to maintain our supply chain and workforce expertise so we’re ready to re-start production and increase rate safely, smartly and with the highest standards of quality.”

Calhoun has held senior leadership roles with companies including the Blackstone Group, Nielsen Holdings and GE. He has been on the Boeing board of directors since 2009, including three months as chairman to December 22, 2019.