A home based travel agent specialising in cruise holidays has created a pledge to LGBT+ clients.

Jon Fletcher, of Cruise Holidays UK, introduced the initiative as part of an expansion of his LGBT-focused product range.

He said: “Whilst we are not an exclusively LGBT centric business, I recognised the need to create an LGBT+ inclusive and welcoming ethos to my business.

“I wanted my support to go beyond just sticking a rainbow flag on my website.

“I am excited and proud to be making this new pledge an integral part of the way I do business with my LGBT+ clients and the travel partners I work with.”

The LGBT+ pledge:

  1. We believe that our business should be both inclusive and welcoming to all members of the LGBT+ community.
  2. All our guests are treated in a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental way.
  3. We believe it is important to work with our travel partners to create inclusive holiday experiences and develop and encourage best practice as much as possible.
  4. We believe it is important to support the LGBT community throughout the year.