The importance of mental health and developing positive workplaces where staff feel they are able to thrive is being highlighted by the Business Travel Association.

A partnership has been created with a well-being specialist founded in 2016 to help businesses develop sustainable processes and provide support for emotional health in the workplace, including mental health first aid training and healthy workplace reviews.

BTA members will have access to training and support services, plus online resources, to invest in staff mental health through the tie-in with consultancy firm Simpila Healthy Solutions

BTA CEO Clive Wratten said: “In our fast-paced industry, it’s just as important to consider employee health as traveller safety when talking about duty of care. We know our BTA members are always seeking out new ways to invest in their staff and to help them develop the skills they need to work effectively.

“We therefore hope our collaboration with Simpila will enhance our members’ understanding of the factors that can affect people’s wellbeing and, in a broader sense, ensure the promotion of positive mental health industry-wide.”

Simpila owner and mental health consultant Matt Holman added: “We know that a happy and healthy workforce can equate to a high-performing one.

“Whilst training is one key area of this, our partnership will also give the BTA and its TMC members access to all the practical tools and support they need to create a safe working environment that is conducive to positive mental health.”

The initiative comes as Travel Weekly runs its Mental Health Matters focus on mental health in the workplace.