Holidaysplease has shrugged off any doom and gloom surrounding Brexit by recording its first ever week turning over more than £1 million.

The number of homeworkers at the online agency has risen by around 15% since last January, but year-on-year sales are up 20% at the midway point of the month, said director Charles Duncombe.
He said this was driven by repeat bookers with many of them seeking honeymoons and family holidays.

Duncombe said: “The second week of January was our first even £1 million week. It’s partly because we’ve got more homeworkers but the productivity is going up as well.

“We are heading for our best ever month, so there’s no doom or gloom around here,” he said, adding that customers aren’t put off by the uncertainty of Brexit dominating the news. “It’s starting to look better than it was.

“People know that flights won’t be stopped. They might do sensible things like extend their passports, get more comprehensive travel insurance for Europe or pack their paper driving licence, but there’s no concern that holidays won’t go ahead.

“Holidaymakers are feeling pretty confident and probably want something to look forward to.

“We’re getting a lot of repeat booking. We’ve always been strong on honeymooners, and now we’re starting to see customers who booked their honeymoons with us coming back and booking their family holidays with us now they’ve had kids.”

Holidaysplease launched a mega sales incentive to its homeworkers, promising to take the firm’s entire workforce to Mauritius on the condition that they increase sales by 25% by the end of 2020.

Duncombe added: “We’ve got a tracker that marks how we’re getting on and the mercury’s off the scale. I’m a little worried because I said we’d fly everyone business class if we hit the target by the end of 2019.”