Express car parking prices will rise and two paid-for premium parking services are being introduced as part of a £4 million upgrade of facilities at Newcastle airport.

A review of pricing tariffs has been undertaken as part of the investment, which will include an increase of the Express car park price to £2 for ten minutes from January.

There will also be “incremental” price increases across the other car parks.

The airport will continue to provide 15 minutes free parking for customers picking up or dropping off passengers in its medium stay car park, to be re-named Short Stay 2 with 1,200 spaces, from January.

A new designated taxi waiting area close to the airport is being created as part of the project.

The plans include a new purpose-built premium Meet & Greet car parking facility and a new premium Fast Track parking area. This will include extra-wide bays and covered walkways to the terminal, due for completion in time for summer 2019.

The new range of parking options are in response to increased customer demand and coincide with the biggest redevelopment of car parking facilities at the airport in a decade.

The range of new parking facilities will use the latest technology to offer additional security alongside an improved experience for passengers, according to the airport.

The premium Meet & Greet car park is available to book now for passengers travelling from the end of June next year.

Passengers will be able to drop their car off with a dedicated team at a reception area and head straight into the terminal. The team will ensure the car is available for collection by customers on their return.

The car park will also employ photographic booths to inspect the condition of vehicles when entering and leaving the facility.

The upgrades to the car parks will be phased over the next six months ready for the summer 2019 peak travel period.

Chief operating officer Richard Knight said: “Last year we saw the highest passenger numbers in a decade so it’s important that we future proof our car parks with additional capacity, and also use the latest technology to improve the passenger experience.

“As part of this investment project we have undertaken a review of the price tariffs across all car parks.

“The airport provides a very competitive parking rate compared with other regional airports in the UK and we will continue to do this, however, we must also ensure that we are able to provide a safe, secure and reliable car parking service to our passengers.”