A British Airways passenger is reportedly seeking legal advice after she allegedly suffered a severe allergic reaction to sesame seeds in an onboard snack.

Sonia Bagga, 39, claims that she had warned check-in staff about her allergy before she was served the chicken wrap on a flight from Dubai to Heathrow on September 9.

She collapsed and went into anaphylactic shock within minutes of her first bite and was saved by a doctor who found her Epipen and injected her with adrenaline.

The mother-of-two, from Winnersh, Berkshire, claims that the label on the sandwich did not list sesame seeds as an ingredient.

She has instructed travel claims specialists Hudgell Solicitors to investigate whether BA had failed in its duty of care to passengers, The Times reported.

Bagga was taken to hospital upon landing and given an intravenous drip until her blood pressure dropped and breathing returned to normal.

She said: “It was the most frightening experience of my life. I thought I was going to die in front of my husband and children.

“I told ground staff in Dubai that I was allergic to sesame seeds but none of the crew on board our flight knew anything about it.

“It was an instant reaction. I had two bites into the wrap and I knew something was wrong. I had a sudden tingling in the back of my throat and then it felt as though my throat was closing up, like someone had a rope around my neck and was slowing tightening it.”

Anne Thomson, a travel litigation claims specialist at Hudgell Solicitors, said that BA was responsible for highlighting allergens.

She added: “Staff should be aware of any potential allergens in the food they serve, and the business should ensure they are clearly marked on labelling. To miss any of these elements is potentially exposing people to risk. The responsibility is squarely on them, and rightly so.”

A BA spokesman said: “We were first informed of our customer’s allergy when our cabin crew were notified that she had suffered a reaction from her meal. They immediately sought medical support on board, medication was administered and they arranged for paramedics to meet the aircraft.”

The spokesman added: “The safety and welfare of our customers is always our priority, and we take the issue of allergens very seriously.

“We provide a wealth of information on ba.com and urge anyone who suffers from a severe allergy to contact our passenger medical clearance unit before they fly so we’re able to offer the appropriate guidance and support.

“A full list of allergens for every meal on board is available on request.”

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, collapsed on a BA flight in July 2016 and died after a severe allergic reaction to a Pret A Manger baguette containing sesame seeds.