A man who threatened to kill a Jet2.com crew member and punched an autistic child’s seat has been jailed for 10 months.

Kevin O’Hare, 27, swung his fists at the female cabin attendant on the four-hour flight from Fuerteventura to Belfast on August 5.

O’Hare, of Camlough, County Armagh, had been drinking since 11am before boarding the evening flight to Belfast International, the BBC reported his lawyer having told Antrim Magistrates’ Court.

He was sentenced to five months in prison for making threats to kill, and five months for assaulting cabin crew.

During sentencing, the district judge said O’Hare’s behaviour was “appalling” and that it was becoming “all too prevalent” on aircraft.

The 12-year-old was screaming as a result of O’Hare punching the seat in front of him. O’Hare screamed and swore at police when he was arrested in Belfast, the BBC said.

The defendant’s lawyer said his client had “a longstanding difficulty with alcohol, going back over 10 years” for which he was seeking help, “doesn’t recollect anything in relation to the incident” and acknowledges that his behaviour was “completely disgraceful and unacceptable”.

But a prosecution lawyer argued that O’Hare showed no remorse during his police interview.

The district judge reportedly said the “custody threshold” had been crossed and a “clear message” must be sent that this type of behaviour would not be tolerated.

O’Hare was fined £200 for failing to obey a lawful command, and a further £200 for entering an aircraft when drunk. The  judge said O’Hare was also in breach of a crown court suspended sentence, adding that while he had no power to activate this, the court would write to Newry Crown Court.