Foreign language tuition videos are being made available to passengers flying with easyJet and Emirates.

The new ‘Learn-as-you-Fly’ scheme being launched by UK-based language company uTalk, which is also in talks with other carriers.

Videos and taster demos are being installed in hundreds of aircraft, with passengers being given free access to uTalk’s language learning facilities.

Videos offering lessons in 15 languages will be available fleet-wide on Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system, ice.

EasyJet passengers will use the budget airline’s in-flight entertainment system to access uTalk’s 136 languages from an onboard server via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Once holidaymakers arrive at their resort, they will be able to continue their language learning by logging on to a new, multi-platform uTalk app using their mobile devices.

Richard Howeson, chairman of uTalk, said: “In-flight learning is a great idea because it means that, with very little effort, passengers can learn enough to order their first drinks or negotiate transport, all by the time their plane lands.

“Even better, just by speaking a few words in the local lingo, you start to become more than a tourist. And, because we always use native speakers on the uTalk app, you’re learning to speak like the locals from the locals.

“It’s not just British flyers who will benefit from learning in the sky. Emirates, who currently offer video learning with uTalk in 15 different languages for English speakers, will also soon be catering for Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin and German speakers.

“Passengers flying with selected easyJet flights will get the whole works – a choice of 136 different languages to learn, all available to access on their own device from the comfort of their plane seat.”