Three airports in Finnish Lapland are to be expanded in a €55 million scheme to support the region’s growing tourism industry.

The investment will allow Rovaniemi, Kittilä and Ivalo airports to serve two million passengers a year, up from 1.3 million last year.

The plans by Finavia, which operates 21 airports in Finland, mean that backing for Lapland’s tourism industry in the next few years will increase to nearly €100 million, according to Finavia CEO says Kimmo Mäki.

Work starting this month will include expanding the terminal at Rovaniemi airport by more than 75% by Christmas 2019 with the hourly capacity increasing three to five aircraft.

Two new taxiways and a terminal expansion are planned for Kittilä airport by December this year.

New aircraft stands are planned for Ivalo airport by the winter and a terminal extension by winter 2019.

The expansion work at Lapland’s airports will be carried out in a way that will not affect air or passenger traffic or cause any service interruptions, according to Finavia.