Sometimes, you hear things that really stop you in your tracks, strike a chord or move you in some way.

This week, in the space of a few hours, it happened to me a number of times.

At the British Travel & Hospitality Hall of Fame, new member Dr Taleb Rifai, former secretary general of the UNWTO, gave a heartfelt eulogy to travel’s ability to be a force for good.

In a powerful acceptance speech, he said encouraging people to travel and understand other cultures and beliefs was key to maintaining peace and driving growth.

A bold notion maybe, but the next morning, fellow new Hall of Fame member Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, also spoke of the positive impact of tourism.

Noting that the world’s biggest travel firms are now taking the social responsibility side of tourism seriously, he said he was optimistic his company was no longer out on a limb.

The G Adventures’ vision is that as we make ourselves happy by booking a holiday we support local destinations and economies and travel becomes the world’s greatest form of wealth distribution.

Speaking of happiness, Nepal Tourism’s chief Deepak Joshi won everyone’s hearts at the Hall of Fame when spoke of the joy his country derives from its vibrant tourism sector.

Tonight may be a Monday, but every day is ‘Fun Day’ in Nepal, he said.

What a brilliant sentiment, and what a fantastic few days embracing not only what a fun industry we work in but one that is capable of doing great things.

Comment from Travel Weekly, May 3 edition