#EnjoyGermanFood Beer and bratwurst are of course a nice integral part of German food culture, but they’re just one small element of all the culinary deliciousness available. Germany’s fabulous food culture is distinguished for its traditional recipes that have lovingly been preserved and handed down from generation to generation. At the same time, many influences from all over Europe are also apparent, and this is precisely why German food is such an exciting blend of tradition and innovation. Our selection of 16 culinary films and detailed recipes – one for each Bundesland (region) – highlights some of best dishes you must try.


In Germany a good glass of wine or beer is undoubtedly important with a nice meal. German wine differs from wines of other countries in that it’s light, lively and fruity, mostly thanks to Germany’s unique geological conditions. Amazing wines are produced in 13 wine-growing regions, which are often very scenic, and a popular holiday destination. High calibre beers are produced nationwide in approximately 1,300 breweries, all strictly adhere to the “Reinheitsgebot”, the world’s oldest food quality regulation, which was set in1516 and only allows water, hops, and malt in German beer.


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