MoreObituary: Harry Goodman, ‘massive risk-taker with real vision’

More than 15 years ago, Harry Goodman told me that if he ever got around to putting his memoirs down on paper, he’d like me to write his biography.

We were at a travel function and Harry was on sparkling form as ever, buying shots for the table, and I thought he was kidding.

But three months ago, he called me out of the blue, and said it was time for him to tell his story.

Knowing Harry’s background, his remarkable achievements and his long-lasting legacy in the travel industry, penning his biography would have been a writer’s dream.

It would also have been a blast, listening to Harry recount some of the many tales of when he broke down barriers, bent the rules and courted controversy.

I didn’t meet Harry until he had set up TV Travel Shop but, of course, his reputation preceded him, and I was in awe when we were introduced.

And he didn’t disappoint: a brilliant (chain-smoking) raconteur who seemed to know everyone and everything about travel. He put everything into such great context and I learned so much.

It is no exaggeration to say Harry truly was a visionary. And so many of the people running travel companies after him – and still today – owe a huge deal to this brilliant, charismatic, brave man.

Unfortunately, writing a biography is a full‑time project, so regretfully I had to pass the honour on to another journalist, and sadly, it was never written.

It’s such a shame – it would have been a bestseller.

Comment from Travel Weekly March 15 edition

MoreObituary: Harry Goodman, ‘massive risk-taker with real vision’