Exposure of inappropriate behaviour must ensure better safeguards for the future, says Fiona Jeffery OBE, founder and chair Just a Drop, member UN World Ethics Committee for Tourism

Like many of us I have been left shocked and dismayed at the revelations of the flagrant abuse of power, position and authority by individuals across many sectors including the glamour of Hollywood and the most marginalised and vulnerable communities supported by the charitable (third) sector.

We have all been let down by these individuals who should convey responsible leadership in our society. Whilst it is hugely regrettable this type of behaviour exists at all, the positive side is that it is now being exposed for what it is and that will ensure better standards and safeguards for the future.

However what we should also guard against is tarnishing all charitable organisations thereby damaging a sector that does hugely important work, which achieves a great deal of good and without which our society both globally and locally would be a lot worse off.

We have all been made aware that inappropriate behaviour can happen in private sector companies, the media and government- it is not exclusive to the third sector and so our responsibility is to expose it and put it right but not to use this as an opportunity to damage the sectors credibility and value.

There is an enormous collective opportunity that exists for government, private sector and charitable sectors to collaborate and bring positive change that benefits us all by tackling the big issues confronting us.

But if we lose our faith and trust in one another and if we lose our compassion as human beings then we all lose, our communities lose and we cease to value what it means to be human.