Intrepid Travel is seeking nominations of exceptional women in travel – and is giving away a place on its Women’s Expedition to Morocco in 2022 to the most inspiring.

The competition has been launched to mark International Women’s Day, and the winner will be announced on Facebook on March 8.

Intrepid wants nominations of agents, managers or agency bosses who have shown outstanding strength, resilience, or innovation during the pandemic.

Nominations can be made on the Intrepid Loves Agents Facebook group.

Joanna Reeve, Intrepid’s head of business development, said: “As travel’s largest B Corp, Intrepid is committed to advocating for gender quality, and celebrating the achievements of remarkable women is an important part of that.

“We want to hear stories of women who, despite the greatest challenge our industry has ever seen, have led the way and inspired others. Maybe they’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to look after their customers, taken their business in a new direction or even embarked on a new career. We can’t wait to hear their stories.”

The date of the 2022 trip to Morocco is yet to be confirmed. The women-only group will be led by a local female tour leader and learn about the everyday lives of women in the country.

It will visits the remote M’goun Valley on foot, a weaving workshop run by a ladies’ cooperative, offer a chance to learn the traditional way of preparing couscous and fresh khobz (flatbread), and include an evening of music and dance led by women in a rural village.