The chancellor is planning a further tax boost for hospitality, retail and leisure, along with more help for workers, say reports.

The Financial Times said that Rishi Sunak will be announcing in next month’s Budget that he will continue business rates relief beyond the end of April, when it was due to expire.

Sunak will instead issue his final report on a review of business rates, which will consider a potential online sales tax to help boost high-street retailers, in the autumn.

Furthermore, the furlough scheme will be kept going until the summer to prevent a rise in unemployment as lockdown eases.

It follows a pledge by the Scottish government to keep similar business rates relief in place for another year.

Prime minister Boris Johnson will unveil his roadmap out of lockdown on Monday, and Sunak’s Budget, scheduled for March 3, is expected to focus on further emergency support.

Earlier this week, the Airport Operators Association called for all UK nations to follow the example set by Scotland and extend business rate relief for 2021-22.

The AOA’s call followed the announcement by Scottish finance secretary Kate Forbes that she will extend 100% business rates relief to the sector for another year.

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Airports association calls for business rate relief extension