Charitable Travel has launched a 12-week wellness programme, offering live workouts and the chance to learn more about health and nutrition.

As a registered social enterprise, the agency supports people in need so those taking part in Weekday Wellness can make an optional donation to the Charitable Travel Fund or to a registered charity of their choice.

Participants can watch live Zoom feeds by Contingent Works from 08:25am on Monday and Thursday mornings, with each session lasting 30-40 minutes.

Contingent Works is a ‘purpose over profit’ venture in Bromley, Kent, that helps businesses and the community by providing space to work and a programme of events.

The body conditioning workouts are led by personal trainer and nutritional therapist Jenny Tomei (pictured).

She also hosts Q&A sessions each Monday to talk about gut health and digestion, meal plans, breaking away from diet culture and how to stay fit and healthy at home.

Thursday Q&A sessions feature different guests, including nutritionists, mental experts and Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes and para-athletes.