Anxiety over falling ill on holiday and quarantine restrictions have resulted in European travellers postponing more trips to 2021.

Over a third (35%) do not know when they will travel next.  

However, more than half (54%) polled by the European Travel Commission plan to take a trip in the next six months, indicating a positive attitude towards travel.

The main concerns for those intending to travel in the short-term are still quarantine measures during a trip (15%).

The possibility of falling ill in destination and rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, both around 13%, are also looming larger in people’s minds.

Health and safety is the primary consideration in any travel plans of Europeans due to the second wave of Covid-19.

Air travel continues to be regarded as the least safe part of a journey according to 20% of people.

Flexible cancellation policies are the main driver of travel decision-making, standing at close to 11%.

The possibility of an effective vaccine or treatment for Covid-19 follows closely behind at 10%.

Travel within Europe is the top choice with the same percentage of respondents (39%) planning to travel domestically and to other European locations.

Nonetheless, the survey of almost 6,000 people highlights an 18% drop in a stated preference for travel before the end of 2020.

Leisure is the primary purpose for almost 65% of those with short-term travel plans, while visiting friends and relatives would be the primary purpose for another 20%.

City breaks are the most favoured type of leisure trip among 21% of respondents, despite the effect of Covid-19 on urban destinations.

A “sharp” 39% increase in the share of respondents opting for skiing and snowboarding holidays was reported.

ETC executive director Eduardo Santander said: “The latest numbers clearly show that Europeans’ desire for travel stays strong amid the re-imposition of lockdowns and travel restrictions across Europe. 

EU governments must take a step forward and find a compromise together with the health authorities on practical solutions on how to implement necessary protocols and safely restart travel operations.

“Europeans deserve to see their families or have a short holiday break during the upcoming winter holidays.”