More than two thirds of respondents in a survey of touring and adventure travel customers support the government’s quarantine restrictions.

Aggregator TourHound’s survey found that 78% of the 500 polled intended to take a tour or adventure holiday in 2021, but that half were not looking to book yet.

About half cited the second half of the year as the safest time to travel, while just under 40% said they would consider it safe to travel between April and June. About 10% believe it will be safe to travel from January to March.

More than 45% of respondents, of customers from the 70 tour operators TourHound works with, said they intend to take an escorted touring or adventure holiday in 2021. Just over 50% of respondents said they planned to book online.

A third (33%) said they felt the UK was a safe place to travel to, and 27% said Europe was a safe destination. More than half of respondents said their first choice destination remained the same as pre-Covid.

Its survey also found that 70% of customers said taking out Covid-19 travel insurance was either of high importance or essential.

TourHound chairman Laurence Hicks said: “it’s interesting how as an industry we are rightfully consumed with our survival and a speedy path to a resumption of travel, however one has to ask if we may have been a little blind to what our consumers are actually thinking.

“While I am not a personal fan of the quarantine measures, it’s really surprising that so many of our customers actually supported them.”