Only one in 10 UK adults plans a trip abroad in the next six months, according to the latest YouGov research on travel intentions.

However, two out of three travellers would be willing to take a Covid test at an airport on return from travel.

The researchers did not ask whether travellers would be willing to pay for the Covid test.

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The government announced the setting up of a Global Travel Taskforce last week which will make recommendations on a Covid testing regime at borders to be paid for by travellers.

The tests could cost £150 a time, with a negative test after several days of self-isolation allowing an early end to quarantine.

A reluctance to travel internationally for the next six months would extend to the end of March, with the Easter 2021 weekend falling on April 2-5.

The YouGov study, conducted at the end of September, also found a drop of 12 percentage points to 34% in the proportion of UK adults planning a domestic holiday in the next six months.

However, that decline would fit the normal seasonal pattern.

Surprisingly, the research found one third (32%) of adults said they would be willing to travel and self-isolate for two weeks on their return to the UK in line with government quarantine restrictions.

Younger travellers aged 18-24 and those aged over 65 were most happy to self-isolate, with 35% of both groups saying they would do so.

YouGov found better off young adults in London were most likely to have international travel plans, with 19% of Londoners planning to travel, along with 16% of 18-24-year-olds and 14% of those in social class ABC1.

The YouGov survey was conducted on September 28-29.

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