Holiday Extras’ Covid-19 travel insurance range has been expanded to provide cover for destinations not on the Foreign Office Covid-19 quarantine exemption list.

The add-ons firm is offering Battleface travel insurance, underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, providing cover for countries such as France, Spain or the US, currently under UK government non-essential travel advisories.

The new Battleface policy is an addition to Holiday Extras’ existing travel insurance range, which includes Covid-19 travel insurance cover for destinations on the FCO exemption list.

Battleface has traditionally provided travel insurance to people visiting or working internationally, including in the world’s most challenging places including conflict zones.

Holiday Extras’ insurance director Howard Dove said: “Just two weeks after we launched our Covid-19 travel insurance for trips to countries on the FCO exemption list, we’re pleased to announce we can now offer cover for trips to every destination via our partnership with Battleface.

“Being able to offer good, comprehensive travel insurance to all of our customers is a key part of our long-term strategic plan and core to our industry’s much-needed recovery.”

Battleface chief executive Sasha Gainullin added: “We’re excited to be working with Holiday Extras to offer our insurance to their eight million customers a year, and to expand their coverage so those travellers can get the protection they need no matter where in the world they’re travelling.”