The Travel Network Group has developed a guide for its 1,000+ members to help them explain to clients what they can expect while travelling overseas.

The ‘What to expect on your trip abroad’ guide can be customised to suit each client’s particular needs.

It covers topics such as when facemasks should be worn; what to pack for the journey; arrival times and changes to airport protocols.

To reassure travellers, the guide also outlines airlines’ strict cleaning regimes and cabin air-filtering processes.

Mandatory paperwork for travellers is highlighted, such as the Sanitary Control Form (FCS) for Spain and the Public Health Traveller Locator form for return to the UK.

Furthermore, it details what to expect at destinations including changes to transfers, hotels and accommodation, eating out and attractions.

Gary Lewis, chief executive of The Travel Network Group, said: “From conversations with our members and what we have seen in the media, we know that holidaymakers have many questions about what travelling abroad will look like this summer.

“To help our members give much-needed reassurance, we have created a guide that can be given to customers as soon as they confirm their holiday for this summer, or be used to guide conversation with people who have concerns before they book a holiday.

“There are so many questions and variables out there that we wanted to create a tool that simply takes customers through their journey and describes the changes they may face and actions they may need to take, which can be tailored to suit the individual’s exact needs.

“We hope this guide helps our members make their customers feel happy and confident about travel.”