A Covid-19 tourism health and safety manual has been developed as Tobago prepares for the eventual reopening of the island to tourists.

The initiative follows a £5.5 million tourism accommodation relief grant agreed to support hotels forced to close since mid-March due to the pandemic.

The manual is designed to provide Tobago’s tourism industry with measures to reinforce destination safety.

Hotels, restaurants, and other tourism businesses have stepped up cleaning and sanitation, staff training and changes to allow for social distancing and customer safety.

Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL) product development and destination management director Narendra Ramgulam said: “The purpose of our health and safety manual is really to work together with our industry stakeholders to develop actionable and harmonised processes and procedures that are in line with global and local public health instructions.

“Our stakeholders have shown their commitment to help TTAL position Tobago as a safe destination moving forward, by sharing their feedback and ideas for improvement and making the necessary recommended changes.

“Current research indicates that travellers are looking for safe destinations and products as opposed to ones that are price influenced.

“With Tobago’s residents, tourism stakeholders and industry workers on board, we can work together for a safer and healthy destination.”