Iata and the world airports’ association have demanded governments pay for Covid-19 public health measures affecting travellers, including tests on passengers.

Airline association Iata joined Airports Council International (ACI) World to urge that “the extra costs of health measures be borne by governments”.

They also demanded that airlines and airport operators be included in national discussions on implementing measures at airports, including health checks, social distancing and sanitisation.

In a joint statement, Iata and ACI said: “A patchwork of different frameworks risks confusing travellers, introducing inefficiencies and unnecessary additional compliance costs on passengers, airports and airlines.”

The associations point out the Take Off guidance for international aviation issued by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) “laid out that public funding of health measures should be ensured, including infrastructure or operational changes needed for their implementation”.

They also note: “World Health Organisation (WHO) International Health Regulations require governments to pay the costs of health measures.”

ACI World director Luis Felipe de Oliveira said: “Many new health measures are being considered by governments for implantation at airports.

“ACI believes the cost of any health measures required should be borne by governments.”

Iata director general Alexandre de Juniac said: “The aviation industry wants to get the world moving again.

“We have successfully worked with ICAO and governments worldwide to put in place standardised protocols that safeguard public health and give travellers the confidence to return to the skies.

“But the industry is still on the edge of a financial precipice. The extra costs of health measures mandated by governments must be borne by governments.”