A service between San Francisco and London is being reintroduced as United Airlines adds almost 25,000 domestic and international flights in August.

The schedule will be triple June’s level but represents just 40% of the capacity available in the same month last year.

United plans to add more than 350 daily flights from its US hubs in August, including doubling the number of flights from New York/Newark compared to this month.

This increase includes more US domestic flights while the August schedule includes a return to Tahiti and additional flights to Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Transatlantic routes include Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Paris and Zurich.

International network and alliances vice president Patrick Quayle said: “United’s international schedule continues to be guided by customer demand as we add back capacity in regions with relative strength.

“For August, we’ve seen increasing demand for leisure travel and have added options to places like Cancun and reinstated service to Tahiti.

“Additionally, we are further building out service to partner hubs like Frankfurt and Zurich, where customers can connect on to a wide array of destinations.”