Holiday Extras has updated its insurance products to include cover against contracting Covid-19 while travelling.

Insurance products are being put back on sale by the trade-friendly ancillaries provider from July 1.

Customers are covered for up to £10 million if they require emergency medical treatment abroad and repatriation after contracting the virus while on holiday.

Additional travel and accommodation costs will also be covered if customers are discharged from hospital but medically unable to return home immediately.

The policy will also cover the costs for one other person to stay with the policy holder and accompany them home, if required.

A Holiday Extras spokeswoman said: “There’s an understandable concern in our industry about the impact of coronavirus on people’s travel plans, so we wanted to understand how concerned UK travellers were in light of the information they’re receiving, and help them make informed travel decisions.

“This is why we have ensured that our insurance products contain Covid-19 cover.

“As long as customers are following the Foreign Office’s advice, we are providing cover for customers with pre-existing medical conditions if they were to catch COVID-19 while travelling.

“It’s important for us that customers have peace of mind when travelling.”

Market research by Holiday Extras found that most UK holidaymakers would be willing to fly this year if airports and airlines observe precautions such as masks, temperature checks and social distancing.