UK pilots union Balpa claims to have received an ultimatum from Ryanair to accept “swingeing cuts” in pay and conditions or face job losses.

The accusation against Europe’s largest budget carrier came as Ryanair announced more than 250 job losses at offices in Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw.

The airline said it was continuing to meet pilot and cabin crew unions across Europe to finalise previously announced 3,000 job cuts and 20% pay cuts.

Almost all for the Ryanair fleet has been grounded since April amid Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions across Europe.

The airline, which plans to reinstate 40% of its normal schedule from July, releases its annual financial results on Monday.

Balpa general secretary Brian Strutton said: “Ryanair pilots recognise that the airline has to restructure to meet the immediate short term and the post-Covid long term which led to their recent announcement of up to 3,000 potential job losses.

“However, they have asked our members to accept 20% pay cuts and detrimental changes to terms and conditions for five years or threatened 320 UK pilot jobs.

“This kind of ultimatum is not the way to do business so we have insisted Ryanair conduct a formal consultation with us.

“We will be looking to mitigate the threat to jobs and any short term survival savings must be restored as Ryanair comes out of this coronavirus crisis.”

Travel Weekly has approached Ryanair for comment.