About 3,000 Hays Travel staff have returned to work following the coronavirus lockdown after an invitation for all to resume their duties.

The details were revealed in a video update by owners John and Irene Hays on Facebook.

It came almost a month after the couple revealed that more than half of their 5,000 employees were back workng for the agency chain which has more than 650 branches.

In the message to customers issued on Monday, Irene said: “We’ve invited all of our staff to come back to work and I’m delighted to say we now have about 3,000 back answering calls and dealing with issues for you.

“We are also seeking quite a lot of interest in holidays for later in the year.”

John Hays added: “People want something to look forward to, so demand for winter holidays is really strong and 2020-2021 really strong.

“What is going down fantastically well is our Hays Travel ‘peace of mind’ guarantee where you can cancel for whatever reason you like up to six weeks beforehand and get your money back if you don’t want to go.”