Blackpool travel agent, Phil Nuttall, has taken to his much-loved piano to pen a hilarious ditty about the travel sector and life in COVID-19 lockdown.

Nuttall, who marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of his family business The Travel Village last June at the iconic Tower Ballroom, is well known for tinkling the ivories at industry events.

At the 60th anniversary he marked the occasion by playing the Wurlitzer organ on the main stage at the world famous seaside town venue.

This week, however, he was confined to the upright piano in his own home as the coronavirus lockdown continues. A video of him performing the tune was posted on social networking site Facebook.

Nuttall said he thought he’d try to cheer people up a little bid amid all the doom and gloom with much of the industry in shutdown and many agents in furlough or working remotely.