The Travel Network Group is to make 15 roles redundant.

In a letter to members, chief executive Gary Lewis said the group had been “pulling together a plan on how to protect its business” in the current climate.

Speaking to Travel Weekly, he said: “We have had to put 15 people at risk of redundancy. All different parts of the business have been affected. We have also frozen all new recruitment.

“We are making sure that we are in a position to come through this. But it’s also about giving members confidence that they should also be making these types of decisions.

“It’s important we are leading the way and making the tough calls as soon as possible to make sure we are here when this is over.”

Asked about rumours of new recruits joining the group in the IT and finance departments at the same time existing members of staff had been put on consultation, Lewis said: “It’s not true. Yes, we’ve had people join the business in the last three months but we had a new person due to start on Monday who didn’t.”