British travellers in Tunisia have been urged to get out of the country before international flights are suspended.

Air services between the north African nation and all other countries, including the UK, will be suspended on Wednesday, the Foreign Office warned.

“All maritime borders have already been closed,” the FCO added in updated travel advice as Tunisian authorities imposed measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.

“If you are already in country, you should urgently contact your airline or tour operator and arrange to leave as soon as possible.”

In other developments, Turkey cancelled all flights to the UK Ireland, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE from this morning (Tuesday).

The Foreign Office issued advice against all but essential travel to Malta.

“The Maltese prime minister called for all temporary visitors to Malta to leave as soon as possible,” the FCO added.

“He also stated he could see no reason for tourists to travel to visit Malta at this time.

“We recommend that British nationals who wish to leave Malta contact their travel operator to make arrangements to do so as soon as possible, whilst commercial flights are still operating.”

The FCO is now advising against all but essential travel to Egypt due to the suspension of flights from midday on March 19 until the end of the month.

“If you are already visiting Egypt, you should urgently contact your airline and tour operator and arrange your departure from the country,” the FCO said.

India is to ban passengers from the UK, EU and Turkey from entering the country, prompting the FCO to advise against all but essential travel to the country.

“Airlines will not permit passengers from those countries to board planes from 1200 GMT on 18 March 2020,” the FCO said.

“The restrictions are due to be in place until at least 31 March 2020. This does not affect British nationals already in India who should follow the advice of local authorities.”

Advice against all but essential travel was also published for Malaysia in line with restrictions being imposed in the country from Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the FCO advised non-resident British nationals in Argentina to consider leaving “to avoid difficulties they will face if flights out of the country are further restricted and they are unable to get home”.