The UK could be added to the countries covered by a travel ban imposed by the US on Europe’s Schengen-zone countries, according to President Donald Trump.

Speaking after a press conference on Friday, Trump said a rise in confirmed cases in the UK could see it added to the list, The Guardian reports.

The president said: “We are looking at it based on the new numbers that are coming out and we may have to include them in the list of countries that we will, you could say ban or whatever it is, during this period of time, but yeah their numbers have gone up fairly precipitously over the last 24 hours so we may be adding that and we may be adding a couple of others and we may frankly start thinking about taking some off.”

The President previously announced that he would not allow people from 26 European countries to enter the US for 30 days, but the announcement did not cover the UK and Ireland or US nationals.

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