Several hotels in Majorca are reported to be staying closed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Sun reports that Majorca holidays are “at risk” because a spate of cancellations in the wake of the epidemic mean many hotels won’t re-open as usual this spring.

There are currently 10 confirmed cases of coronavirus on the island, said the newspaper.

It reported: “The Hotel Chain Association (ACH) told local media ‘there are more cancellations than reservations’ and added that was expected for the next five to six weeks.

“Any hotels with less than 30% occupation will remain closed and guests who have booked at the low-occupancy hotels will be moved to other places which are remaining open.”

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The Olive Press, an ex-pat newspaper in Spain, reported that Barcelo and Be Live Hotels are feeling the effects of lower booking numbers, while a Majorca villa firm has had several cancellations from “scared families”.

It reported the comments of president of ACH, Gabriel Llobera, who said: “The low sales levels are unlikely to change in the next two weeks, so the Balearic Islands and other holiday will be affected at Easter.”

Currently, there are 1,622 cases of coronavirus in Spain, most of them concentrated in and around Madrid, the Basque country and in La Rioja. Major events are being cancelled or being held behind closed doors.