The TreadRight Foundation has created a video and checklist which travel agents can use to help clients make sustainable travel choices.

The foundation is the not-for-profit arm of The Travel Corporation, which includes brands such as Trafalgar, Insight Vacations and Costsaver.

The tips in the video are based on TreadRight’s #MakeTravelMatter pledge and are listed in a new Make Travel Matter Checklist which agents can download and share with clients.

Advice in the video covers topics such as single-use plastics, the ethical treatment of wildlife and how to support local economies and cultures.

Video: TreadRight Make Travel Matter Pledge

The video is presented by Sarain Fox, an activist, dancer and television host, who is the ‘People Ambassador’ for TreadRight.

She said: “People generally assume sustainable travel will dampen their travel experience or make their vacation stressful, so my goal is to inspire people to come up with their own ways to make a positive impact.

“My tip for travellers would be to research their options and choose conscious companies, while learning to get really honest about the impact they are making. Accountability matters.”

Last year, staff at TTC committed to TreadRight’s ethos by taking the #MakeTravelMatter Pledge.

Shannon Guihan, chief TreadRight and sustainability officer, said: “The message is simple. Small behavioural changes, when employed en masse, is how we make an impact.

“Consumers and the business community can lead the way and can start by signing The Pledge. Then, put it into practice.”

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