Gold Medal and Travel 2 have been celebrating a host of landmark work anniversaries for several long-serving employees.

Last year at Gold Medal, 16 staff marked their 10th year with the business; 19 reached 15 years’ service; 10 staff made it to their 20-year anniversary, and one employee reached 30 years with the dnata-owned company.

Sister brand Travel 2 saw nine staff reaching 10 years; 22 colleagues marking 15 years, and two celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Kathleen Molloy celebrated 15 years at Travel 2 in April, having risen through the ranks to be a team leader and recently appointed as a business manager.

She said: “There is a feeling here that you can progress, and that managers want staff to build careers.”

Lisa McAuley, managing director at Gold Medal and Travel 2, said: “We have huge amounts of knowledge on tap, which allows us to deliver great service, and it also shows we are doing things right for our people in terms of workplace environment, culture and benefits.

“Good businesses make the most of long servers. These members of staff have a depth of knowledge about how the industry works for agents and this can help with strategic planning.

“Their loyalty means they invariably are team players who want to help more junior staff.”

Gold Medal has 171 employees with at least 10 years’ service, including five with 30 years or more.

Daniel Pound, global customer experience data scientist at Gold Medal, marked his 30-year anniversary with the operator in 2018.

He said: “It’s great to have an employer that recognises its people are its greatest strength. The fact that Gold Medal has so many staff with long service means we do see ourselves as part of a family, and day-to-day that makes work so much more enjoyable.”

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