Tui will launch a new TV advertising campaign on November 9 with the first of a series of short commercials featuring different styles of customers.

The first three to be launched will feature a grandmother and granddaughter, a brother and sister, and a couple.

News of the campaign was revealed to managers of Tui shops and call centre teams at a retail managers’ conference in Crete last week.

Speaking exclusively to Travel Weekly at the event, chief marketing officer Katie McAlister said: “Our core message is a still about ‘crossing the Ts, dotting the Is and putting U in the middle’, but we are making shorter adverts, just 30 seconds long.

“They are targeted to different customer segments as we recognise that we have got very different customers with different needs.”

She said the advertising is being launched in early November rather than the traditional turn-of-year peaks season because the travel group wants to promote its brand throughout the year.

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Managing director Andrew Flintham said it reflected changing booking patterns, with some customers buying holidays earlier in the booking cycle, while others are booking later than in the past.

McAlister said consumer research about spontaneous recall of travel brands shows almost 60% of people will mention Tui, which is higher than the company’s previous brand, Thomson.

“We have got our highest brand awareness that we have ever had,” she commented.

The tagline for the new advertisements will be “Whatever your adventure is, Tui has the adventure for you” and the different holiday types can be targeted to different TV and digital audiences.

The same format will also be used to sponsor weather forecasts on TV in several regions.


The advert featuring the siblings has been filmed in a Splashworld property, while the couple’s advertisement will highlight activities and facilities such as yoga and swim-up rooms.

There is also a same-sex couple featured taking part in a bread-making class to show the type of experiences on offer.

“The shorter format will tell stories about all our products such as river cruises, ocean cruises and long-haul, showing the breadth on offer so customers will understand the range of our holidays,” said McAlister.

“The ads will be more about the adventure, whether on a beach holiday or tour, to stretch the brand a bit further and make us known for holidays that people might not know we offer.

Belinda Vazquez, retail director, said Tui will also send agents on fam trips to experience holidays such as Tui tours and river cruises in the coming year, as personal experience is the best way to learn about products.