Airlines serving Italy have been forced to ground flights today due to a national strike across the country.

The situation is likely to be compounded by a two-day walkout by French air traffic controllers over the weekend.

EasyJet said: “We have been advised of a French air traffic control strike starting on Saturday through to Sunday.

“Like all airlines, our flights to and from France, as well as those flying in French airspace, could be affected.

“Also flights that do not operate through France may still be affected as 65% of easyJet flights operate through French air space and may be delayed before arriving for your flight.

“We expect that there could possibly be delays due to the industrial action, therefore we advise all customers to check the status of their flight.”

EasyJet, Ryanair and Flybe are among carriers which have cancelled services to Italy due to today’s industrial action which is affecting air traffic control and airport ground handling services.

EasyJet warned: “We’re working to minimise the impact of this strike, but like other airlines flying to and from Italy, we are expecting a number of cancellations and potential delays.”

Ryanair said: “Due to yet another Italian strike, Ryanair regrets to inform customers that it has been forced to cancel a number of flights on Friday.

“As a result of this unjustified strike action, we also expect delays to flights to/from/over Italy and we advise customers due to travel on Friday to check the status of their flight on the website.

“Ryanair calls for immediate EU Commission action to prevent more air traffic control strikes and staff shortages disrupting the travel plans of Europe’s consumers this summer.”

Flybe cancelled Milan flights to and from Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester.

The UK regional carrier said: “We will endeavour to ensure that as many of our flights operate as close to schedule as possible, however all airlines operating in Italian airspace may be affected.

“We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be experienced through these circumstances that are entirely beyond our control.”

Ryanair and easyJet were both forced to cancel around 1,000 flights each last month due to air traffic control strikes and bad weather.

Eurostar cancelled four trains on the London-Paris route today and two yesterday due to strike action at French rail company SNCF.