Hoteliers can blend together their best photos and favourite user reviews into a promotional montage displayed on their TripAdvisor listing with a new tool.

The Storyboard function is claimed to offer a more “attention-grabbing” presentation than just a static photo on the listing page of the travel reviews site.

Storyboard is available to Business Advantage Preferred Access subscribers.

It is one of a number of enhancements to the photo interface on the listing page, which include:

  • A better organised and easier to navigate redesigned photo-viewer
  • Favourite Photos are now prioritised in the newly redesigned carousel on the property’s listing page
  • Cover Photos allows subscribers to hand-select the main images for addition photo categories that appear alongside the carousel

Other features available to TripAdvisor Business Advantage subscribers include:

  • Favourite Review Subscribers can showcase a recent great review near the top of their business page.
  • Enhanced Data – Provides accommodation subscribers with better traveller engagement, competitor and marketplace data in one new analytics suite.