is aiming to double revenue growth for the fourth year in succession to achieve its target of breaking into the top two travel websites.

The site, currently ranked number four behind Expedia, and Thomson, has achieved 100% revenue growth each year for the past three financial years, which start and end in October.

Chief executive Manny Fontenla-Novoa is confident a similar performance this year will help it break into the top two sites.

“We are number one or two in every distribution channel we are in except online,” he said. “It¹s a major focus for us to break into the top two.”

Fontenla-Novoa said the site “is not very far behind third placed” and would be breathing down the necks of Expedia and Thomson if all sites continued to grow at their existing rates.

He said the projected revenue increase would see the site nearly hit double digit profit this year. However, he refused to reveal details of its revenue.

Significantly, is currently selling 18% of the vertically integrated group¹s package holidays for summer 2006.

“I get more business through than I do from MyTravel, First Choice and Thomson put together,” Fontenla-Novoa said.

Hits wise, Fontenla-Novoa said has a 6%-7% share of the market compared to market leader Expedia’s 10%.