No Frills More expensive

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Nickbroadland Posted: 4 Feb 2011 02:18 PM


Just wondered how many other people see this.

Today we have provided 2 quotes No Frills V Full Service airlines.

1) London - Rome... Full Service airline 384.00 - No Frills 412.00

Customer demanded the no-frills airline as they are cheaper!

2) London - Singapore ... Full Service 453.00 - No Frills 474.00.

After a long talk customer is considering his options.

In both cases the No Frills did not have luggage (or to in both cases the full service airline (which does have luggage and food) was cheaper. Yet both customers stated that the wanted the no frills airline because they are cheaper. Do customers really not understand the prices or have the no-frills airlines manage to brain wash people?

How often do you hear this, if at all?


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While i am certain, you are right with both examples the truth is I am sure you realise that the reverse is where the no-frills quote wins hands down.

Plus some times I would rather Fly with a No frills air-line..than with an-other, even if the price was cheaper.

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The question was not that they are cheaper...BUT

Why do customers still wish to fly on them even when more expensive and less matched to there needs!

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Everybody talks in terms of the customer's needs! If they are prepared to pay extra to fly with a budget carrier, that airline MUST meet the customer's true needs. Otherwise customers would go else-where...

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@Will What need would that be in this scenario though? Hard to see what need is fulfilled by charging extra for services the other airline provides as standard, unless the customer actively enjoys spending money!

@Nick Have to say I'm sort of fascinated by this - were both flights in these two cases to the same airport and at roughly similar times of day? Did the clients say they'd had previous bad experiences with the full-service carrier(s)?

Nathan Midgley Web editor, Travel Weekly

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Strangely enough, you asked the Question past experiences, might be one reason, another

cramped seating, baggage a 101. other reasons!! The other issue might be

the differences were only slight..£10..or so..If it was hundreds..Well!! thats another thing..Surprise

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Client 1. From an airport closer to them to an airport closer to there destination and yet stated that No Frills must be cheaper (times where very close). Client has since come back and stated will never fly no frills again.

Client 2. Airport this end a little further (30 minutes) flights left within 2 hours of each other, but journey time was over 20 hours no frill and 14 hours with the IATA airline

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Im surprised by this Nick - arent customers generally after value for money??!! Certainly not what these no frills airlines offer!!

But then customers see NO FRILLS and automatically think cheap even though its rarely the case anymore!

Oh, the day to day issues of the travel agent!!


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I think people want the best deals but also want instant gratification in terms of getting the cheaper deal.  Most people aren't really thinking about the big picture in terms of how much time or money they will save after all the expenses add up. 

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