Jobs in Travel - Difficulties with Agencies

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Cruisegle Posted: 19 Jul 2010 08:59 AM

As an individual I took Drabdesign to the top of Google for search engine optimization (at the time the most sought after term in SEO).

I have different sites (most new) that are rising up the rankings for many cruise terms including top 10 for cheap cruises and last minute cruises as well as quite a few others.

I have numerous clients who are still benefitting from top positions in the Google SERPS who only ever paid me a one off fee of £250; they are there because of my self taught white hat techniques.

Yet as I did not go to university some agencies think I am not qualified enough for a junior SEO job in travel?

Has anyone else had difficulties with agencies making uneducated and incorrect decisions about their abilities?

I have created many websites, including for cheap cruises, cruise deals and a new one attacking cruise holidays.

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Indeed..thats why i decided to GO  it alone..Best move i ever made!!

Always appreciate your feedback on my web-site..


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Had a quick look at your site and thought I would share a few things. Getting ranked is about the 3 C’s, Coding, Content and Contextual Links. You fail on all three accounts.


It is amazing how the little things count in getting ranked, here are a few things that will effect your ranking and if changed will help you rise with a little push from contextual linking.

The Meta Title tag is the most important tag on your website, it is the first thing that Google looks at and tells Google what your website (or page) is about. Yours only tells Google the name of your website. What are your main Keywords? What do you want to rank high for? This is the place you initially let Google know what you are attacking. Every page should have a different Title tag and should be relevant to the page it is on, that said it is wise to include your main home page keyword on every page in the Title tag. 

The next important thing is to have a H1 tag that reflects your Title tag, I know yours does now, but you are not attacking anything, so you need to do some keyword research and replace the Meta Title tag and the H1 tag with what you want to rank for.

The next big no – no is the link to your home page. Depending on how your website has been created, the code for the web pages will site on files that could be called anything from home.html, index.php or as in your case index.html. Now this does not matter, Google et al recognise there are around 7 or so different names for home pages. Where the problem lies is that in Googleland each one of these is seen as individual web pages.

Your home page is, however every single link in your websites structure points to, what this means is that you are loosing some value from linking in your own website, these links need to be changed from to The reason is simple, people link to the second version and not the first version, i.e. … and not … Get your coder to change this line of text <li><a href="index.html">Home</a></li> to <li><a href="">Home</a></li>.

While on the subject of home pages, these can be displayed with or without the www. Your non www page is not being redirected to the www page. You need to get it immediately redirected to the www version of your website. Google, as with the /index.html page etc sees the www and non www as two different pages and it could (though unlikely) lead to duplicate content issues. Also anyone who links to your website not using the www is not helping your ranking as much as they could. The 301 redirect will rectify this.

Other coding issues include the use of images around your website, it is good to see the height and width tags being used, it is a small but in my mind still important thing.
However the Alt tags are designed to help people with disabilities, yet can be used to help promote your keywords. You can use them to reassure Google what your site is about. I feel the first three are the most important ones. At the moment your first three tell Google et al nothing.

Your first image is your logo, what are you saying? alt="" This needs to be changed, lets say your main keyword was Holiday Rentals in Spain, then you use this term within the alt message to create something that is meaningful. For instance your alt tag could read “Holiday Rentals in Spain Logo for Resort Rentals” or something similar.

Do this for the next couple of images, so if you had a register button you might put “Register for Holiday Rentals in Spain” in the alt tag. I am not saying that Holiday Rentals in Spain should be your main keyword, however replace that with whatever you choose.


Next a quick look at your content. What is your website about? When we humans get to your website it is obvious. Googlebot is not human; it needs to be told what your website is about. Basically find out your main keywords and re-write the home page. When you do, mention your main keyword in your first paragraph (preferably first 25 words).

People often ask how many times a keyword should be mentioned, as a rule of thumb if you write content with the keyword being mentioned in around 2-5% you will not go far wrong. But you need to remember that if your keyword was something like Holiday Rentals in Spain; that is 4 words and so is only need once in every 100 words (4%) or so. I am not saying only once in every 100 words, what I mean is, if there are 300 words on the page then put it in around 3 times. This is a guide only!

Contextual Links:

I am a firm believer that you do not need thousands of links to your website, quality is far better than quantity. You have 27 links (Yahoo) pointing to your site from 9 sites other than the 5 from your own site.

What you need to do is get more links, however when you do make sure the linking text reflects your keywords. I see in this thread you used when you should have used this Your Main Keyword.

This is a brief summary and hope it helps.

I have created many websites, including for cheap cruises, cruise deals and a new one attacking cruise holidays.

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Thankyou Kindly, 1 appreciate your time and comments..

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thanks for your infomation!

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Some really useful information Cruisegle. Thanks for sharing it with us

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Nice to see you followed my advice WillSelf...Not!

Mind you I am useless, I did not go to University so I would not bother either.

I have created many websites, including for cheap cruises, cruise deals and a new one attacking cruise holidays.

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