Where did it all go wrong?
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One of my favourite stories of the late but great legend George Best was when a waiter brings him room service – walks into his room bringing more bottles of champagne and there was George in bed with two stunning models and his bed was strewn with £20 notes – the waiter looked at George and said – “Mr Best where did it all go wrong”……………  

In 2003 I was aboard the Lady Marina – working for Cosmos with my boss Brian Young now at OHG and we were standing sipping champagne on one of the largest super yachts in the world – both of us thinking what did we do to get here and doing a double take!

Last week approx 6000 travel industry colleagues would have a similar feeling on board the sumptuous Equinox – at 8.00 AM when I went to breakfast it was like a ghost ship – then by 10 AM champagne corks were popping again. Hats off to the staff at Celebrity Cruises and RCCL who did an extraordinary job in pulling the whole thing off – my favourite comment was from Colin Laffin of Laffin Travel in Belfast said who had the mad idea to give 2500 travel agents a free bar for two days!

We work in a fantastic industry and it is still great when we can experience such events and people should be rewarded. There is not as many Fam trips as there used to be, however at HTX we believe that if you experience a service pr product – you can sell that service and product. We are committed to still doing such trips and events to say thanks such as our trip to Portaventura early on in the year and our Faro Fam Trip with Avro, Cosmos and PNTO later on in the year and support those who continually support us.       

So when you are having a bad day – think about the good times – which Mr Best often did – as the say a frown is just a smile the wrong way round.




Posted 31 Jul 2009 02:04 PM by Chrisoakes