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For over 40 years, Gazetteers has supported agents with the vital information they need as they sell your products.

Under the new name of Travelanswerz, the platform has been completely re-imagined to build on the unique, unbiased content which made Gazetteers so valuable to the independent travel agent sector.

Travelanswerz is unique as it is used by independent travel agents as they are actively selling your product. The average user sessions lasts over 5 minutes and users are viewing around 14 pages per sessions often returning many times per day, providing your message the best possible opportunity to be seen and understood by people with the power to sell your product.


The site boasts a fresh new homepage design with multiple advertising units. These can be used in isolation or as a fully integrated suite to position your message. Homepage takeovers include you image in the background and a roadblock of all homepage advertising slots. Campaigns can be targeted by keywords and site sections to ensure targeting of message.


Drive interaction with agents and help them to get immersed in your product. Slots start from as little as £500 and ensure high impact exposure over a sustained period.

Competitions also represent a great lead generation tool to deliver demonstrable ROI.


Drive serious awareness, product insight and leads by sponsoring a solus email to the userbase. Combining email with display campaigns is a proven tactic to make serious impact.

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The newly-enhanced brochure directory is one of the most comprehensive in the market and provides tour operators the opportunity to showcase their latest brochure while reducing distribution costs.