Consumers expect to pay more for travel insurance and holidays after the pandemic, as the crisis has raised their concerns about safety and protection, according to research.

A poll on behalf of insurance firm AllClear Travel found travellers are considering more comprehensive cover as “safety now trumps cost” for many of them.

The company said the pandemic has “created a seismic shift in attitude when it comes to travelling abroad”.

More than half of Brits (58%) believe they need to spend more than before the pandemic to ensure they are properly protected when travelling abroad.

Of those, 47% thought they would need to spend at least £50 more on travel insurance each year, with a quarter expecting to pay more than £100.

General holiday costs are expected to rise. The survey found 71% expect to pay more on the quality of the resort; 70% expect to pay more on the method of travel within the holiday destination; and 68% expect to pay more on excursions while overseas.

Chris Rolland, chief executive of AllClear Insurance, said: “Gone are the days of cheap holidays – Covid has changed the landscape and travellers need peace of mind.”

The study of more than 2,000 adults found 69% felt the way they approach planning their holidays has permanently changed.

Of those people, 38% agreed they were now more likely to take care in checking their travel insurance cover, and 28% said they would spend more time shopping around for more comprehensive, rather than cheap, travel insurance.

The survey also found 20% of respondents will opt for holidays that offer greater safety and reliability rather than finding the cheapest offers.

Almost a third (30%) of all travellers agreed they will now spend longer planning their holiday than they did before the outbreak of coronavirus.

Rolland added: “The effects of the past 12 months can already be seen on people’s attitude to risk while travelling – not just in the short term, but the long term too.

“Regardless of what the government has said about booking a summer holiday, people will naturally be thinking about it.

“Most travel operators are ensuring refunds or re-booking opportunities if the situation does not improve, and good comprehensive insurance will become a prerequisite when planning a trip.

“Booking a holiday takes care and planning and thinking through in advance. While destination and cost remain primary considerations, the thought process now starts with safety and cover.”

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