Towel Cozy competition

Keeping warm on board a chilly flight at 30,000ft, on holiday hikes or keeping your camping bed toasty could have just got a great deal easier with a new heated towel pad that promises to make shivering hips and little blue lips a thing of the past.Towel Cozy competition text image

The Towel Cozy has been created from a mother’s desire to keep her children warm after their swimming lessons but has snowballed into a compact, portable heated towel pad designed to keep you warm watching outdoor sports and relieve muscular pain.

And travel agents have been given the chance to win one of four of the £19.99 products being given away exclusively through Travel Weekly.

A simple ‘click’ of the small metallic disc (or magic button!) will transform this product into a warm, heated pad for up to 2 hours; perfect for wrapping in towels for any sporting events! The simplicity in the design means that anyone can use it, even your little ones. After the heat subsides, a simple boil in the bag ensures this item is transformed back to its original state.

The Towel Cozy is designed to be used while camping, hiking, by festival goers, as an alternative to a hot water bottle and even as an emergency heat pad in car breakdowns.

Founder and creator Karen Grace said: “I knew I wasn’t the only mum out there who worried about their little ones freezing after sporting events.”

To enter, fill out the form below before November 10.