Given the plethora of claims and counter-claims being voiced in the EU referendum debate, you could certainly be forgiven for feeling confused about which outcome would be preferable for the travel industry.

EasyJet and Ryanair were quick to suggest Brexit would be damaging for the aviation sector in particular.

Monarch boss Andrew Swaffield has written in these pages about his desire to remain and Tui UK chief Nick Longman also expressed his belief that the industry and holidaymakers alike would benefit from staying put.

On the other side of the argument, Iata this week told Travel Weekly that Brexit might not have the “substantial effect” on aviation that others claim, and a poll taken at the recent GTMC Conference leaned towards support for an out vote.

Two weeks ago, someone assured me on good authority that there would be a 65% vote in favour of remaining and the whole debate was “nothing more than a distraction”.

But polls suggest the pendulum is swinging in favour of the leave camp, and former shadow chancellor Ed Balls told an audience of travel delegates there was “a real possibility of Brexit”.

What is in no doubt is that the arguments are becoming increasingly intense, and that is why we have chosen next week to bring together experts from government, the national media and the industry to discuss their merits at one of our Travel Weekly Business Breakfasts.

It will be fascinating event, and we’ll be covering the debate next week as you prepare to cast a vote that could have substantial ramifications for travel.